Academic activities


The ‘Translational Neuroimaging’ research group contains 5 members. We investigate the effects environment (medications, drugs, excercise) on the brain (in development) using novel non-invasive molecular imaging techniques. This highly innovative line of research provides insight into the benefits and harm of the environment, including medicines, on the brain, and its application in personalized medicine.


Active member of the Brain and Cognition of the University of Amsterdam since 2012. The Executive Board of the University of Amsterdam designated Brain & Cognition as the university’s research priority area.


The Brain Imaging Center at the AMC, of which I am the initiator and co-founder (2011), aims to structure and combine all the available knowledge in the field of neuroimaging at the AMC into one center of expertise and facilitate neuroimaging research.

Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging

Participant in the Clinical Neuroscience research programme at the Spinoza Centre for Neuroimaging in Amsterdam, the Amsterdam imaging core for 3T and 7T MRI.


Member of the Teaching committee Graduate School Neuroscience Amsterdam Rotterdam ONWAR.

AMC-VUmc alliance

Member of the Forum of the Future AMC-VUmc from 2012-2016. 18 high potentials of the AMC and VUmc were asked by the board of direction to serve as a sounding board for the ongoing alliance.

Research Programme leader ‘Brain Imaging’ together with Prof.D. Veltman (VUmc) of the
AMC‐UvA‐VUmc-VU ‘Neuroscience Amsterdam’ research organization.

Expert panels and reviewing

  • Expert panels on Drug Abuse and Pediatric Medication for Dutch, UK and USA government.
  • Member of the Editorial Board of Scientifica, Molecular Imaging area.
  • Ad hoc reviewer peer reviewed journals such as the Lancet and Archives of General Psychiatry, as well as funding agencies, such as UK’s Medical Research Council (MRC) and NWO.